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The Office of Housing & Residential Life cultivates a residential experience that is safe, supportive, and equity-minded by creating holistic growth opportunities that align with the Division of Student Life’s Mission.









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Ryan Zander Profile

Ryan Zander

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Henry Tosta

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Kahden Vienna

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Delilah Villarreal

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Alexander Williams

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Nicholas Ersinghaus

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Jacob Trappett

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Zachary Mcmillan

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Jewelles Edeal

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Riley Morris

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Koreen Kerfoot

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Michael Rodriguez

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Luke Fletcher

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Jorge Quiroga

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Melina Karavousanos

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Benjamin Mannal

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Alan Padilla

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Tobin Novak

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Sean Skinner

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Diego Montoya

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Macie Niles

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Ella Hooks

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Lucia Coca

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Alyssa Sandusky

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Ruben Rodriguez-Hernandez

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Clarissa Crawford

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Efrain Pita

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Marianna Cheromiah

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Jazmine Vargas

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Tommy Tirelli Tirelli Prampolini


The Office of Housing & Residential Life

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